Thursday, April 27, 2017

JMF 2017 is a Big Success

Thank you to our sponsors, the bands who performed, the volunteers, and everyone who attended. JMF 2017 was one of our most successful years ever, both in terms of the quality of the show and the amount of money raised. This year's event raised over $5,600 for Type 1 diabetes research. 

The Jet Beats performing at the Orbit Room during JMF 2017.
Type 1 diabetes is an insidious disease. The person who has it looks normal, but their body is fighting against them. Type 1 destroys the bodies ability to produce insulin. Without insulin our cells can't get energy from the food we eat. A person with Type 1 must take daily injections of insulin just to survive. Even with good control of the disease there is a risk of developing complications that can lead to blindness and amputation. Thankfully, the money raised by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is helping to develop therapies for treating the disease. While there is still no cure the outlook is very positive.

Fundraising events like Jake's Music Festival take place all over the country. Golf outings, bake sales, bike rides, and walks all add up to millions of dollars raised every year. Because of this effort we are closer then ever to finding a cure for Type 1.

Thank you once again to everyone who was involved in any way with this year's festival. One day soon we will see an end to diabetes.