Friday, January 28, 2011

JMF 2011 Line-Up

This could be our best show ever. We have so many performers that we are starting in the middle of the afternoon and going until late in the evening. Check out this line-up and make sure you hit Wealthy Theatre at some point on April 16th.

3:00 PM   A Grand Entrance
3:05 PM   Poor ‘ol Jim
3:45 PM   Welcome to the show
4:00 PM   The Fainting Generals   
4:45 PM   Ryan McCarthy
5:00 PM   The Veloras
5:45 PM   Michael Schaeffer 
6:00 PM   Paucity   
6:45 PM   Karisa Wilson wsg Lynn Thompson 
7:00 PM   Chance Jones          
7:45 PM   Todd Herring  
8:00 PM   Spitting Image
8:45 PM   Ritsu  
9:00 PM   Igby Iris
9:45 PM   DJ Jef Leppard 
10:00 PM   A.B ! and Coconut Brown